The Wizard’s Hat



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You can find a premiere only collectible NFT of the film on the secondary market.

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2/20/2023, 10:00:00 PM

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2/27/2023, 10:00:00 PM

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0.05 ETH

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The Wizard’s Hat is a fantasy short film about a young, exhaustingly-optimistic wizard’s hat named Harriett, and her reluctant mentor Grummelot, a grumpy old wizard who is stuck in his ways.

When Harriett tries to help Grummelot with an incantation, she accidentally unleashes a wildly unpredictable spell that transforms the wizard’s inner sanctum to chaos.

The film is a labor of love and a homage to the golden era of animation, inspired by old school Disney and Don Bluth films of the 20th century that we fell in love with growing up. The film was painstakingly hand animated in 2D, but also features some tributes to some of our favorite forms. Including a sequence in pixel art, rubber hose style, and a live-action puppetry shoot.

The Wizard’s Hat is the first ever premiere via proposal from Nouns DAO, and second ever edition mint.

The film was funded by proposal 20, and the mint was executed via proposal 236